2012 Rebound Rumble

The Challenge

2013 ReboUnd RUmble Game Animation 

Team 4201

QUalifying Match #33

Rebound Rumble pitted robot alliances against one another to score as many basketballs into hoops as possible. The higher the hoop, the more points scored. This year’s game included real-time automated scoring and ended with robots attempting to balance on bridges for additional points.

The Robot

Name: Leo

Weight: 120 lbs

Strategy: This robot was built for largely offensive purposes. An autonomous code was programmed that allowed Leo to score two basketballs into the 2-point hoop during the first portion of the match. During teleop, the robot’s main focus was picking balls off the ground using its feeder system and scoring them into the 2-point and 3-point hoops using two pairs of rotating wheels. The robot also used its wedge attachments to push the bridge down to get extra balls. Finally, Leo was able to assist teammates with balancing on the bridge during the endgame.

Los Angeles Regional

Rank 5
Highest Rookie Seed
Record: 8-3-0

On March 15, 16, and 17, Team 4201 headed to the Long Beach Convention Center to compete in the Los Angeles Regional, the team’s first-ever competition. While the robot had a few issues with passing inspection because of the weight limit, modifications were made quickly and effectively and Leo was soon ready to compete.

The team met huge success in competition. Of 9 total qualifying matches, eight were victories, with Leo scoring cooperation points when one match proved to be a loss. In the end, 4201 was able to seed 5th overall at the regional. Upon alliance selection, teams 696 and 3120 were chosen as alliance partners, but the alliance was defeated in the first round of elimination rounds. The 5th place seed, however, allowed Team 4201 to win the Highest Rookie Seed Award, an impressive accomplishment for a first-year team.