After closing our very successful virtual 2021
season (read about it in our last update), we ran
our annual summer camp. We were very excited
to bring this back after being unable to host last
year, and it seemed the community was as well.
We had a record registration of over 100
elementary and middle school aged students
during each of the two weeks we ran the camp!
Check out our recap video here.

With school back in-person this Fall, our team has been able to have the entire team back in our
shop. We had a very successful recruitment with over 80 students showing interest in our team,
more students than we have ever had. We rose to the challenge, running many trainings and
projects so everyone can learn. Our business team focused on animation and social media such as
our Safety Animation Award. Our software team developed a new training curriculum and worked
hard to learn how to use our new robot drive-base: swerve. Our hardware team was also busy
training in machining, design, assembly, and electrical while manufacturing and assembling our
swerve robot: Tyrannoswervis Rex that we designed over the pandemic.

We also hosted our second scrimmage
this Fall, inviting local teams to dust
off their robots and get ready for
offseason competitions. We had six
teams in attendance, and they were all
grateful for the opportunity to play on
a full field and hang out with other
teams. For many of these students, this
was the first time they were able to
see their robots in action in a full field!
The teams shared their thoughts about
our event in this video.

We also gave our 2020 robot, Jango, a
check-up to compete in our first
in-person competition since March of
2020: Beach Blitz! While only 20 team
members were able to attend the
event, we held a virtual showing in our
auditorium for the rest of our team,
family, and friends. We used that
opportunity to train our students in
scouting so we can be better prepared
for competitions next season. We made
it the semi-finals as part of the sixth
alliance and our students learned a lot
in preparation for the coming season.
You can view our recap video here.

On January 8th, we will have our
annual kickoff where the new
challenge, Rapid React, will be
revealed. We will also continue
our tradition of inviting local
teams to our event to share our
knowledge and resources.

Thank you again for your support in helping create the next generation of leaders and innovators!
We are excited about a new year, the new game, in-person competitions, and hopefully another trip
to World Championships!