The Vitruvian Bots participated in 2 preseason competitions, Beach Blitz and SoCal Showdown!

Beach Blitz

For Beach Blitz, At the end of 70 qualification matches, the robot (Gridlock) ended out in 7th place overall and as alliance captains! We had a blast with our alliance partners HIGHROLLERS and The Wolverines! The 4201 Vitruvian Bots got the Judge’s Award at Beach Blitz for our huge impact in our community!

SoCal Showdown

The Vitruvian Bots are proud to say that it was hosted at our home school’s gym! Many students and volunteers put in the work over a couple days to make the event happen, and Team 4201 could not be more happy with the great work they all put in! During the competition, we had students manning things from field reset to a First Lego League station for little kids interested in STEAM to learn and create their own little vehicle!