On October 15th, we hosted the Team 4201 Fall Scrimmage along with the new addition of our workshops. We opened our doors and offered guidance to teams that wanted to gain field time and created a bridge for offseason events. This year, we included workshops like: the Strategic Design Workshop, Dean’s List & Woodie Flowers’ Awards Workshop, Impact Award Panel, and Project Management Workshop. Team 4201 mentors and students shared what they have learned from their time with FIRST and Team 4201 in hopes of giving other teams an example of what to work towards. We had around 20 teams attend our Scrimmage, rounding to about 200 plus people. 


By implementing our new workshops, we provided practice and assisted teams in brushing up on robotics skills to ensure their confidence. Additionally, our Scrimmage allowed our rookie drivers the opportunity to practice and train in a match. As was the case for our team, it was the first time some drivers at the event even operated on a field.