Welcome back to the Team 4201 updates! During weeks three and four, we’ve continued our work on our skills challenge bot, TyrannoSWERVEis Rex, and its miniature test bot. T-Rex now has a completed intake and its carousel, uptake, and adjustable shooter are being assembled remotely. Our mini bot is in the troubleshooting and tuning stages to ensure a smooth transition to T-Rex.


Our Design Challenge team has made a lot of progress recently. In the game, named SET SAIL, two alliances will work to load up their vessel for a long journey across the open seas! Each alliance will race to collect Cannonballs and Loot Caches, and finish by raising their Anchor and to leave the dock. Currently, game elements and field models are being developed in CAD and the team has started to work on challenge submissions.


The Innovation Challenge team has used this time to further brainstorm and decide on a solution. After rounds of research, brainstorming sessions, and feedback from mentors, they have decided on developing a mechanism to increase MET (metabolic equivalent) for teens and adults that sit at their desks for prolonged periods of time. The team is now designing this mechanism and working to meet the executive submission deadline.


Quick update this time. Let us know if you have any questions or would like to chat at info@team4201.org 🙂