The 2022 Season is off to a great start! This season were playing Rapid React!

Last season brought many challanges having to be remote, but it also gave us many opportunities for growth. Conforming to CDC guidelines is an absolute must for our team as it is important to be safe and healthy. Team 4201 adaped by having a hybrid model: part of our team was present while most of us watched the livestream form home.

One of the main differences we had was where and with who we would watch the kickoff livesteam. Instead of watching it in our school’s theater, we watched it in the forum (a common room). Instead of hosting for ourselves and a collection of other teams, it was only part of our team. As amazing as it was to be in person and watch this season’s announcement, it was bittersweet to be there partially.

After religiously going over the game manual, we had an open discussion talking about Rapid React’s criteria. Our team on Zoom was not left out! This is a very important aspect of the day because we need to know what we’re getting into, and everyone needs to know.

Next up on the list is strategy discussion. We started by setting our goals and what we would be realistically able to accomplish. Many ideas were bouncing around and, by the end of the day we got a rough design of what our competition robot would be.

While the strategy discussion was going on, our field construction crew was getting to work! Knowing the dimentions of the field and the different facets of it, the wood got sawed and sorted and a plan of action crafted.